Fractal,,/Ferdiad51661.html,1190円,Plane,[Import],DVD , ドキュメンタリー,[Blu-ray] Fractal,,/Ferdiad51661.html,1190円,Plane,[Import],DVD , ドキュメンタリー,[Blu-ray] 1190円 Fractal Plane [Blu-ray] [Import] DVD ドキュメンタリー Fractal Plane 即納送料無料! Blu-ray Import 1190円 Fractal Plane [Blu-ray] [Import] DVD ドキュメンタリー Fractal Plane 即納送料無料! Blu-ray Import

Fractal Plane 即納送料無料 NEW Blu-ray Import

Fractal Plane [Blu-ray] [Import]


Fractal Plane [Blu-ray] [Import]


Product Description

Christopher Ursitti is an artist living and working in New York. He is a graduate of the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington D.C. Chris apprenticed for three years with the Color Field artist and founder of the Washington Color School, Leon Berkowitz. In addition to his work as painter, pastel artist, and photographer, Chris has expanded his area of interest to include the digital arts. He started to explore fractals in 2001 and began animating them shortly thereafter. Product Description. The Fractal Plane by Christopher Ursitti is a work of modern art for your HDTV. Even in our digital age, our computers are incapable of rendering these complex animations in real-time. This program was almost a year in the making, resulting in an experience that is simultaneously technological, nostalgic, beautiful and sublime. It's colorful and evolving art with the power to transform a room completely. BluScenes: The Fractal Plane includes two Ursitti compositions, "The Fractal Plane" and the "Mathematical Daydreams," both with original 7.1 scores composed and performed by Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey.

Fractal Plane [Blu-ray] [Import]

This DVD is beautiful and mesmerizing, especially with the sound on. The sound is industrial/techno, which is like, but the DVD also produces a beautiful piece of moving art, without the sound. The BluRay is fantastic, so bright and crisp. Very cool indeed!
OMG - This Blu ray sets the bar for visuals set to great surround music! The visuals are just stunning and captivating. The music I like very much too - I can only best describe it as "techno crossed with Satriani." You can also choose a setting for 5.1 Dolby Digital (which sounds amazing) if you don't have 7.1 DTS. I can see this DVD appealing to engineer geeks as well as artists of all types. I love having this in the background while I work on projects as I find it as motivating as it is relaxing.
This is the fourth fractal DVD I've purchased. Without question the best so far. Good pattern transition and color. The only negative aspect of this composition is that the images move too fast if you wish to select your own music such as New Age or Classical. For example, it's a great fractal to watch to the soundtrack of the movie "Artificial Intelligence", but is best viewed with the Blue-ray player set to the fastest slow speed possible. The frame-to-frame flicker associated with slow-speed play is tolerable.
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