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Panasonic es2207p Ladies Electric Shaver 激安 5 Pack ブランド品 ウェットまたはドライ使用 3ブレードコードレス電気シェーバーレディースwithポップアップトリマー

Panasonic es2207p Ladies Electric Shaver、3ブレードコードレス電気シェーバーレディースwithポップアップトリマー、ウェットまたはドライ使用 5 Pack


Panasonic es2207p Ladies Electric Shaver、3ブレードコードレス電気シェーバーレディースwithポップアップトリマー、ウェットまたはドライ使用 5 Pack


のコードレスes2207p Panasonicカーブを閉じる女性用シェービングにシェービングの密接なと快適ウェット/ドライ・利便性が確保されます。静かな、完全immersibleと100 %洗濯して、いつでも使用するためにこのレディースhq6950安全な状態であることを確認してからドライスキン、またはバスタブやシャワーに、都合の良い泡立てのジェル、フォームまたはsoap。どちらの場合も、常に楽しみ、閉じる、便利シェービングとトリムます。このウェット/ドライShaver。Panasonic es2207p女性用電動シェーバーの3つのアレルギー反応を独立してフローティングヘッドとステンレス鋼のブレードと箔は特に敏感な肌にボディの個々の輪郭に沿って設計された、と自然にGlide滑らかで結果を表示している脚、脇の下やビキニラインが表示されることになります。とし、完璧な仕上がりの、便利なポップアップトリマーは、ビキニトリマーとすぐにトリム、ビキニエリアを保持しながら、不要なロングや浮遊ヘアや場所を見つけることができません。

Panasonic es2207p Ladies Electric Shaver、3ブレードコードレス電気シェーバーレディースwithポップアップトリマー、ウェットまたはドライ使用 5 Pack

I am very satisfied with the product itself but not at all with the service policy.I had used it for more than 2 years the first time purchased it. Worked very well on daily usage. So I ordered the same thing again without even looking around for other merchants or products.However, within 2 months from receiving the product and using it, it once slipped from my wet soap-slippery hand and just stopped working. But, presuming that I had 2-year warranty, I didn't put it on my priority list. Now, I have just seen that its warranty applies only to US customers, so the Canadian ones are left with nothing whatsoever. As of today, it has been 7 months and a week since the purchase.The lack of service for Canadian consumers either from Amazon or Panasonic is rather outrageous and very disappointing.
Hi all, purchased this for my girlfriend, but the shaver broke 3 months later.Buyer beware, the shaver doesn't have any warranty in Canada.The warranty stated on the box only applies to the US!
This is a life saver for someone who hates shaving! I apologize for the long review beforehand, but I promise you, the details will help you make an informed purchase!------------------------------------------ BACKGROUND------------------------------------------------------I'm used to getting my legs, arms, arm pits etc. waxed professionally once a month, back when I was in India. When I moved to the US, I realized how super expensive it is to get it done here, especially on a student budget! I tried waxing at home but there were always difficult patches which would turn sore and red because I couldn't hold the skin taut. Hence, like every one else, I started shaving!The problem was that I had never shaved before. Maybe once or twice in high school but that too when my mother was supervising me. I hated it. I hated spending extra time in the shower. I hated that it had to be done more often. I hated the cuts and razor burns. I tried shaving my arms once and it was a disaster. That's when I thought that I should probably look up electric shavers, and I found this one!------------------------------------------ REVIEW------------------------------------------------------Close shave:I think the main issue most people face with electric shavers is getting a close shave. If done right, this can give a close shave. Hold the shaver perpendicular to the surface, so that the foil and both side of the trimmer are touching your skin. The trick is to go back and forth several times over the same area. There is a little bit of a spring action, so that you can, very gently, press it down on your skin, giving a closer shave. If you have longer hair, apply some baby powder and run a dry towel across the area in the direction opposite to the hair growth to lift the hair up. If you have really long thick hair (or if you are a guy shaving his legs), use the pop up trimmer to trim first.Battery life: Even though it said that it needs to be charged for 12 hours before the first use and between every use, I used it right out of the box to test it out on a small patch. It shaved well. I decided to wait 24 hours just to make sure I'm not getting any reaction, and charged it in the mean time. The blades did spin faster. So I believe it's a good idea to charge it between shaves. The manual says that 12 hours of charging gives about 20 minutes of shave, which sounds ridiculous at first. However, it took me, the amateur shaving person, 10 to 12 minutes to shave both legs, both arms and underarms. I think 20 minutes is more than enough.Wet shaving:UPDATEAfter a few months if use, I tried out wet shaving and I loved it. It became my preferred method over dry shaving. Since there was no risk of cuts like a regular razor, my main issue of not being able to see in the shower with my glasses on was no longer a concern. I could go over the same area multiple times. Being in the shower already meant I could quickly rinse off the shaver instead of brushing the hair off after every section, and allowed me to get a better shave overall.I used some shower gel or soap, not shaving cream. I found that keeping the skin and the shaver super wet and slippery helped it glide on the skin easily. I shaved against the direction of hair growth to get a good close shave. This method took me maybe a few minutes lesser than dry shaving.Before the update: ___________________________Since I hated shaving, I don't think this is a feature I want to try. The manual says I can use this with some shaving cream, and I lot of reviews say that your skin needs to be soaking wet to shave. If I ever do try it, I will update this. I think it's unnecessary to wet shave when I'm getting very good results shaving it dry, however, I feel it's a good feature to have in case that's your only option, for example, if your sharing a hotel room with friends and don't have the privacy.___________________________Regrowth: Surprisingly, the regrowth was not as blunt as normal shaving, which is what gave me the confidence to shave my arms! You do have to let it grow a little longer than usual to shave well.Cleaning: It is extremely easy to clean. It comes with a dual ended brush to brush of hair during the shave. After I am done shaving, I pop the head off and rinse both, the head and the blades inside in water. It's a good idea to press your finger onto the faucet so that it gives out a sharp forceful stream. I first rinse the head, then put a some hand soap in some water in a cup, and leave the head in that to soak while I clean the blades inside. I first rinse the blades in the sharp stream, then I dunk the blade only in the cup full of soap water and swish it around, and then rinse both the head and the blades. I use a q tip to get into the corners of the plastic inside. To dry off, I sort of shake both the parts vigorously so that the water falls out, put the top back on to protect the blade, and leave it to air dry for a few hours. Once I know it's fully dry, I put it for charging.Ergonomics: For dry shaving and washing, it's very easy to hold. It fits well in my small hands and doesn't slip out of my grip. I don't know if the surface will become slippery if you're shaving wet with shaving cream. The placement of the buttons is good so that you can start and stop the shaver or open and close the pop trimmer with the thumb of the hand you're holding it with. I believe the design is good for both, right handed and left handed people. The side of the the blade is big enough for quick shaves, and small enough to get around difficult areas.Portability: If you have the right case to carry it in, it's easily portable. The case that comes with it is too small to fit both the shaver and the charger. This is my only complaint. Other than that, it's not too bulky and heavy to travel with.Longevity: Only time will tell. I have had it only for a few weeks and used it 3-4 times, and so far it's great. The blade and the foil are replaceable, so that's a good think. Other than that, if you read the manual, follow the instructions, keep it clean and charge it timely, you're doing everything on your side to maintain the product. If anything goes wrong or I face any issues, I will come back and update this.Overall, I think it's a good product, very affordable (I bought it for 14.99, the original price is 29.99, which is still great if it lasts for more than a year), it does the job well without nicks and cuts, and it is FAST!If you found this review helpful, give it a thumbs up! If you have any questions, please comment below and I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge. Have a great day! :)